What Pedigrees Need

Pedigree builders commonly lack these 3 things, and how to get them.

1. Pedigree creation is repetitive

When you want to build a pedigree for a new dog, commonly you're filling out a blank pedigree shaped form from scratch. You refer to a sibling or parents pedigree and copy the common names over.

If you entered Tori's parents and grandparents, why do you have to enter them again when building the pedigree for Tori's puppies?

Ideally use a tool that understands relationships in your Kennel and doesn't require re-entry of any relationships. It should just import the known branches.

2. Pedigrees lack detail

Usually when reviewing a pedigree you wonder about a grandparent or a great-grandparent and want to see more about them. You want to know their story, who raised them, more about their health and so on. That begins a new journey to find more.

It would be great if you could click a link next to the dog and find that information easily.

3. What, no Photos?

Looking at names and titles doesn't tell you the "full picture". A picture is worth a thousand words after all, right?

What you really want to be able to do on a pedigree is look at a photo of that dog right there on the pedigree. More photos would be even better.

Problem Solved

Canine zeal pedigrees offer all of these benefits.

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*Building Smart Relationships on the pedigree view

1. Smart relationships

When you add a parent to a dog, it builds up litter details for other dogs by the same Dam and birthdate. You can even import them all from your AKC account.

When you add a parent that already has their pedigree filled out, you get the rest of that branch filled out for free.

When you add a dam, many times the sire will also fill out. We can do that if you already entered who was mated to that dam for that birthdate. So this applies when building the 2nd+ puppies pedigree for a litter.

2. Details galore

We start by adding links for dogs on your pedigree to their own full page. That page will show their stats, photos, pedigree, and anything else you want to tell about their life story.

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* One of many smart widgets for your pages, linked from the pedigree
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*photo slideshow dialog shown when clicking a camera icon

3. Photos

Each dog on our pedigrees have a camera icon that when pushed shows a photo slideshow on top of the pedigree. It shows every photo you have uploaded for that dog. The photos each include customizable captions.

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