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Robust Templates

Pages start with your data.

Data Widgets

See them all below

Easy Designer

Drag/Drop, edit color, text, size. Done.

Getting started is Easy

Part 1: Register

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  1. Register with your email address and a password
  2. Enter your name on the profile page
  3. Add A Kennel
  4. Pick a plan

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*How to Register and Create your Kennel
*How to build dog and litter pages from your data

Part 2: Enter or import data, build pages

  1. Add your foundation dogs and litters
  2. Press the 'Create Page" button for the kennel
  3. press the 'Design Page' button for the kennel, edit text, pick a banner and a color theme. use preview to check it out.
  4. Press 'Create page' for each litter and dog you want a page for.
  5. Design mode on any dog or litter page is optional, it will already look good.

You can also import AKC dogs and litters instead of manual entry. Check the site menu above for the import documentation.

Part 3: Website fully connected pages

Visitors can click on links for each dog and litter card, and also in the page footer.

Only dogs you selected to 'Create Page' for end up in the final result. But all dogs entered are eligible to appear on pedigrees of descendants.

Browse Danemark Danes

*Example completed website, but fully customizable


Default text
*for Kennel, Litters, Animals. relevant info already over the image


Default text
*Litters, Dogs, Stories all have one. Auto-built from images you've added.


Default text
*Auto-created from dogs and litters you enter

Dog / Puppy List

Default text
*Either for a litter, or siblings of current dog. Auto-created from data. Include clickable links on each card in which the dog has a page.

Dog Summary

Default text
*Data you entered about the dog, in summary form

Auto Navigation

Default text
*Page section quick links on the toolbar, plus a menu that opens linking to other pages.

Auto - Footer

Default text
*Site Map navigation at the bottom of pages

Embed YouTube

Default text
*Upload your videos to youTube and paste the link in this widget to let visitors play your content. Includes optional title above and caption below

Rich Text

Default text
*Headings (6 sizes), bullet lists, block-quotes, links, bold, italic, and more. Anything you can do with Markdown syntax

Anything you see on this page and more

This page is built using the same design tools you can use on your Kennel site. In edit mode, all sections can be dragged around, resized and is mobile friendly by default, pick color palette and shade.

Have fun building a website, quickly and easily! Spend more time picking dog photos to use than arranging content. Plus all content is hosted here and included as part of your plan.

See more features by plan on the pricing page.

Plans, Features and Pricing

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